Just some old friends from high school who got together after a 20+ year break to create some great music.


Dancing With Blue

Available now on our Merchandise page!!

CD Liner notes are available as a PDF download.

A powerful and shimmering “new classic” to add to your collection!!  This highly acclaimed newest release from 20 Years Later, “Dancing with Blue”, offers melodies and passages reminiscent of a myriad of classic artists’ works throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s….producing memories of full-side-song concept albums, dynamically intense and soulful progressive rock compilations, and even arena rock powerhouses.  “It is often said that ‘Imitation is the highest form of flattery’… in this, we soulfully believe. If you, the listener, draw any comparisons from our newest creations to those of old, it is not by accident. This is our dedication to the art of music and its creators in the heights of glory.” – 20YL


Better Later Than Never

Our debut CD “Better Later Than Never” spanned over 2.5 years and an excess of 1000 hours of recording time.  Available now on our Merchandise page, it is an eclectic mix of the classic 70’s “Wall Of Sound”, 80’s Pop, and 2012 sonic excellence.




And here are a couple of teasers from Better Later Than Never we are offering to all of our friends:

Septembur Gurls –

Strange Days –

And a video: